Lingua franca in Dhamma

Society's principle monk is linguist in Dhamma discoures and talks to devotees belonged to different cultural and lingual. Monk is comfortably speaks: Myanmar, Mon, Thai, Liao and Sinhalese ( Sri Lankan ) and English. There are small group meditation short courses avialable on request in lingo of preference.

Your choice is essential and appreciated

Majourity of devotees in our society are born into their Religious Identities. Some enter through open passage are origin of other religion or non-religion who are searching for somethings different.

Buddhist Society of ACT dose not exercises proselytize or convert you to become a buddhist person. We understand some of you come with Matter of Choice, a partial or moment of a man who likes to practise and learn words of Buddha.

For you, Basic dhamma discourse and meditation practice, short sections are available in english language on Tuesday evening 7.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m.