Auspicious Days

7th May 2017: Kusone,water-pouring over the Bodhi tree on full moon day of Kusone. Buddhist devotees celebrate not only water pouring ceremony at the Bodhi tree but also perform meritorious deeds by keeping Sabbath, meditation, offering flowers, light, water and incens to the images of Buddha. 

3th September 2017 : This Open Day is commemorated to full moon day in September, in which Myanmar calender month is Tawthilynn. It dose not have significant Buddha's ceremony in Tharavada Buddhism but strong legend flock story of returning day of King Dhammayazer's buddhist missionary ship to Siho Island trun down under sea. A story of Gayu-Dhamma with a lillte reference to Dhammapada Jataka is very long story that could miss your lunch. U-pazin Ashin Sumana appreciated merits of devotees who donated fences, handrials and new gate up at front of Ordination Hall. Sayadaw U Vidayanya and honey offreing kids activity that will leaves you nothing to wish for .