Namo, tassa bhagavato, arahato, samma^ sambuddhassa.
" Homeage to Him, the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Fully Enlightened One "

" May the Dhamma last as long as my son and grandsons, and the sun and moon will be, and may the peope follow the path of the Dhamma. For if one follows the path, happiness in this and in other world will be attained"
(King Asoka)

  • Public Officer

    The Buddhist Society of ACT is a multicultural society consisting of Australians , Myanmar, Sri Lankans, Thais and Laotians.

  • President

    However , whiles the society holds to the Theravadin practices, we are non- sectarian, therefore welcoming all different peoples from various background searching for authentic Buddhism.

  • Secretary and Treasurer

    In accordance with Theravada Buddhist traditions no fees or money is demanded for activities, such as meditation , dharma discourse , chanting session, counselling and seasonal ceremonies.